It’s been a whirlwind 15 months for the Emergencies Partnership, we’ve gone from a group of colleagues across the sector discussing the best ways to improve collaboration and starting to building a plan, to rapidly scaling up to support the nation respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a matter of…

Our Equalities and Diversity lead, Rachel Cooling has written several blog posts documenting her time with the Emergencies Partnership. Below is her last one:

May 28·3 min read

I’ve been thinking about a lot about learning today. It’s my last day with the Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership as…

Schools testing

Stu’s blog highlights the massive scale of the request to support schools with testing, and the heart warming response from volunteers. But we’d like to pause a moment and add some more thoughts on the role of the Emergencies Partnership, mentioned briefly in the previous blog.

In late…

>>This blog is written by Stu Hyde, Ops Lead at VCSEP. <<

As the Operations Lead at the Emergencies Partnership and a local volunteer, I believe passionately in the value of the Voluntary and Community Sector. The recent schools testing programme has been a powerful example of this.

To reopen…

This week I’m delighted to share the perspective of Naz Zaman, Chief Officer of Lancashire BME Network, on life with a pandemic.

There’s so much I could write about! But in keeping with the advice and support the Network tries to provide, I wanted to share our experience of working…

Rachel Cooling, Equality Lead, Emergencies Partnership

I cannot believe that nearly two months have gone by. Two months ago, I started with the Emergencies Partnership as the Equality Lead. This was a new role. What do you do with a new role? You read the job description. …

by Karen Loftus, chief executive of Community Action Network,NAVCA member and Liaison Lead for the South West

People of goodwill step up in their thousands across Dorset

Charities, community organisations and volunteers supported by local infrastructure are rising to the challenge of supporting communities through the pandemic.


I think many of us can relate to Carol Botten’s pithy description of life under lockdown. Carol is the Chief Executive of VONNE (Voluntary Organisation’s Network North East, a regional infrastructure organisation) and local liaison lead for the Emergencies Partnership in the North multi-agency cell. …


Musings on life

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